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Image of Gordon Chalmers FIPA, MABRP

Gordon Chalmers FIPA, MABRP

Gordon is a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner and provides advice to both businesses and individuals encountering financial distress.

He has undertaken a broad range of insolvency work, ranging from consumer debt personal insolvency solutions to corporate appointments spanning the UK. Gordon receives requests to act as an insolvency practitioner in SMEs from solicitors and accountants and also conducts consumer-based personal insolvency solutions.

Image of Donald McKinnon FIPA, MABRP

Donald McKinnon FIPA, MABRP

Donald is a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner, and a Fellow of the Insolvency Practitioners Association.  

Donald provides companies and individuals with debt and insolvency advice.  He has an excellent reputation within the insolvency marketplace in Scotland and is known for his wide-ranging skillset and pragmatic approach to obtaining a solution to complex issues

Image of Craig Allison
Senior Manager

Craig Allison

Craig is one of the two senior managers in the team and has over 18 years of experience within the restructuring and insolvency industry, working with both businesses and individuals facing financial distress.

This has given him a depth of knowledge which is well placed to advise business owners operating across a range of industries, with varying degrees of complexity. 

Image of Elaine Ramage
Senior Manager

Elaine Ramage

Elaine is the other senior manager within the team and is an experienced restructuring and insolvency professional of over 25 years, providing support and advice to businesses.

Throughout her career Elaine has worked with both large multinational enterprises and SME’s, making her highly adaptive and flexible in her approach.

Image of Julie MacAndie

Julie MacAndie

Julie has over 25 years experience within the restructuring and insolvency industry.

She is currently a supervisor in our team, managing an extensive caseload with her experience and extensive knowledge of all insolvency processes and practices.